Why become a member of CFI?

Dear friends,

The CFI (Club France International) aims at connecting the French community with everyone else, everywhere in the world.

From simple afterwork gatherings to gala dinners and specific events such as business conferences and sports activities, we want to do everything that can connect good like-minded people.

Actually, you don’t have to be related to anything French. You just have to like things such as wine and cheese! 😉

More seriously, we are building a network of people we can trust.

You are very welcome to support our actions by becoming a member: https://www.clubfranceinternational.com/shop/

This will provide you with:

  • Invitations to great events
  • Connections with new friends, colleagues, business partners…
  • Opportunities to learn more about France and the French culture
  • Opportunities to help each other about anything
  • Opportunities to promote your activity
  • Any questions? Contact me 😊

Telegram @Marc_Guyon https://t.me/Marc_Guyon
WhatsApp +852 93032996 https://wa.me/85293032996

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