Français : Pourquoi rejoindre le CFI ?

The objective of CFI (Club France International) is to connect French expats and friends of France worldwide.

The CFI has 3 main functions :

  • Events: Social gatherings, networking events, and miscellaneous activities (cultural tours, visits, hiking, sport events, …)
  • Media: Info about expatriation and the French diaspora, news about our members.
  • Business: Business networking and consulting.

It’s a network of people we can trust, French citizens but also friends of France, who share the values, independent from any political party.

The CFI is open to all, including non-French nationals and non-French speaking people.

Why join the CFI club?

  • Supporting and funding our work : Recruit staff, columnists, develop our means (digital marketing, transportation fees, function rooms rental, specific events…)
  • Benefit from members-only offers : special prices, members-only events, tailor-made connections.
  • Support a good cause : the influence of France worldwide; the development of a French diaspora, a French-speaking network, and simply friends of France (including non-French speaking).

We need you, join us!

Connecting French expats and friends of France around the world:

  • Developing mutual aid between all our members: Frenchmen, French speaking, and friends of France.
  • Sharing useful information and feedbacks about anything.
  • Spending great moments of friendship via events which promote the French lifestyle.
  • Promoting some services such as consulting for individuals and businesses
  • Meeting up with like-minded expats who share similar values and are interested in France.
  • Developing local connections and friendship with locals, everywhere in the world.

Connecting with France and businesses located in France:

  • Helping French companies to find clients abroad.
  • Promoting foreign investments in France, to create businesses and jobs in France.
  • Keeping updated by following French news from abroad and bringing some feedbacks from expats and foreigners point of views.
  • Promoting France in the world via culture, gastronomy, business…
  • Sharing cultural contents about France and the French speaking world.

Our members are people we can trust, everywhere in the world, to contact and receive some support about settling down somewhere, going as a tourist, or reaching out for business.