Hong Kong – Christmas party

Friday 9 December 2022, thanks everyone for showing up!

After some French speaking talks at 6:30pm, we continued with the CFI Christmas party from 8pm and stayed until midnight !

Talks about current news, politics, local French consulate in Hong Kong affairs.

We will continue organising a mix of both French language and English/international events.

In 2023, we plan to add activities such as sports, hiking, and anything that can bring us to connect each other.

Our objective is to bring the French community to learn about the Hong Kong culture and adapt to the local life, as well as connecting locals and expats with the French community.

For French people, we wish to support each other, as well as promoting France worldwide.

Mei cooked this delicious, salted cake. She used to be a private chef and worked for President Nicolas Sarkozy.
See you again soon for upcoming events!

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